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Tagging Items


Once you have registered through our partner site My Consignment Manager, you may begin entering your information to create a tag for each of your items.  This system is very easy to follow.  This system will save all of the information you enter, so you can enter items, log out, and return to enter more items later.  You will print out all of your tags.

Remember these important details:

  • Tags must be printed on WHITE cardstock 60-67 weight - can NOT print on paper
  • Attach tags to clothing with a saftey pin or tagging gun (if you have one) - for added security - you may want to place a piece of scotch tape over where the safety pin is on the tag - this will help deter some theft
  • ALL tags must be completed and attached when you drop off (we cannot print tags)
  • Tags MUST be printed in NORMAL setting (not high quality)

Download the step-by-step guide!