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Do you wish you could afford boutique dresses and trunk show clothing?  Lots of these kinds of clothes show up at consignment sales - gently worn or hardly worn at all and they will be a fraction of the regular price.

Do you need a 2nd high chair, bouncy seat, exersaucer...  for grandma's house?  This is a great opportunity to get what you need at a great price.  Baby items usually look brand new since they are used for such a short time.  Why pay full price for something you will only use for a few months?


We will are a 3 day sale THURSDAY, FRIDAY and SATURDAY.  We expect THURSDAY to be extremely busy.  Be prepared to wait in line but know you will be getting GREAT deals!!! Our peak busy time is 9am - 12pm.  Please be patient and ready to endure a crowd and give yourself plenty of time to get checked out - you are getting GREAT deals!!!  :)

While children are allowed at the sale, we encourage shoppers to come without them if possible as the sale will be crowded.

Strollers will be checked at the door - we will not allow diaper bags or any type of bag into the sale or blankets in the bottom of strollers - please leave them in your car -bottoms of strollers must be empty.

If you come without your kids, take their measurements and bring a small tape measure with you to ensure what you are buying will fit!

You may bring a laundry basket or an empty shopping bag to hold your items as you shop.

Make sure you return on Saturday for our 1/2 price sale!  Every tag with "Discount: YES" will be half-off!

All sales are final - we do not accept returns 

Think about consigning or volunteering with us so you can shop EARLY!

Golden Isles Kids Consignment Sale accepts the following forms of payment:
Cash and Credit Cards/Mastercard, Visa, and Discover (minimum purchase of $25)

We do not accept personal checks - sorry!!!

Spread the word so we will have plenty to shop and plenty to shop from!