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Preparing Items


Golden Isles Kids Consignment Sale (GIKCS) only accepts QUALITY, CLEAN and Gently Used items.  We will be inspecting everything that is brought in to our sale.  We will not take items that do not follow our guidelines.  This is to ensure a QUALITY sale for everyone!


  • LIMIT - 75 total clothing items (2 piece outfit counts as one item)  PICK YOUR BEST 75 items
  • Repair missing buttons/snaps and broken zippers
  • Leave faded, stained clothing at home
  • Clothes should be freshly laundered, pressed and neatly hung on hangers.
  • When looking at clothing item, hanger should look like a question mark.
  • Use child-sized  hangers for infant and smaller toddler sizes
  • Tags - pin on the RIGHT side of the garment with one inch or larger safety pins (no straight pins or tiny gold pins may be used).  If you believe the material would be damaged (as in the case of silk, very lightweight cotton, etc) by pinning the tag directly on the garment, affix the tag to the garment's tag
  • if you are using a tagging gun - attach tags through at tag or seam of the garment - we will no longer have tagging guns available on Check-In day.
  • Pants - pin by waistband to the angled sides of the hanger  (TOP of hanger)- don't pin them to the bottom of the hanger, as the pins will slide, causing the garment to slide and it will not be very presentable.
  • Two-piece set - first hang the shirt, turn hanger over and pin pants by the waist to back of hanger, with the pin catching the top of the hanger to support the pants
  • SMOKERS - we can not take items that smell like smoke, due to children's allergies - if you are a smoker, we suggest laundering your clothes in a smoke free environment and storing them in a smoke free environment
  • Make sure your items are thouroughly DRY before putting them in a ziploc bag or they will sour - we had a few of these issues in past sales


  • LIMIT 7 pair
  • shoes should be cleaned well - we suggest that you zip-tie them together or place into a ziploc bag large enough to close
  • tags should be taped with packing tape on the OUTSIDE of the bag - do NOT tape over the bar code

  • MUST include batteries - buyers will not buy your equipment if they are not sure it works
  • FREE of smells and stains

  • Must be very clean, good working condition, and include all associated pieces.
  • Tags may be attached to soft toys with safety pins, and to plastic toys with clear packaging tape.
  • Multiple pieces should be placed in a Ziploc bag, and then the opening of the bag should be securely taped shut with clear packing tape, with the tag taped to the outsideDO NOT tape over the bar code!

  • Attach tags to books, DVDs, games, or puzzles, please use blue painter's tape
  • Board games and puzzles in a box MUST include all associated pieces with the box securely taped shut with painter's tape so they stay together.
  • Puzzles that are not in a box (such as board puzzles) may be covered with cellophane wrap or "press and wrap" to keep the pieces in place, or put inside a Ziploc bag with the opening taped closed with clear packing tape, tag attached to the outside.  DO NOT tape over the bar code.
  • We are NOT taking VHS tapes

  • Display in large plastic bags or fold neatly and tie with a ribbon or string
  • Multi-piece decor sets may be sold as a group OR you may consider offering pieces such as rugs, lamps, and the like individually for shoppers who may want to add one or two pieces  to their child's room without buying the whole set.