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This is a great opportunity to sell your gently used childrens items!

If you consign with our sale, you as a seller decide how much you want to sell your items for, tag them, and bring them to us to sell for you. Prices are generally 1/3 - 1/2 of the original price depending on the condition of the item. You as a seller receive 70% of the selling price of your consignments. There is a $8 non-refundable registration fee when you register.  If not paid within 7 days, your registration will be deleted.

As a consignor, you are given the opportunity to shop our consignor pre-sale event! PLAN TO SHOP THE PRE-SALE - less of a crowd and the BEST pick of what we will have! Click on Consignor Pre-Sale Event to learn more!

Anyone can sell with us!!!

How it Works
What to Sell
Preparing Items
Tagging Items
Drop Off
Consignor Pre-Sale Event

Consignor agreement form is now part of registration.  You will agree to it when you register.  You do not need a printed copy to bring to us.